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industrial park

Center for science and new discoveries

Space: 63 ha
Highway: m10, 96 km to MKAD
14 science institutes
30% of Russian research in bio pharmacy, biology, genetic engineering, biophysics

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Puschino - a place uniting investors, willing to take it’s place in a pharmaceutical run. Located in Serpukhovskoy district

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A place prepared for high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises
Companies will be located in a close distance to 14 Pushchino science institutes. Sanitary protection zone up to 300 meters. An industrial cluster with an opportunity for partial supply to it’s participants; 100% of payed taxes refund. Reimbursement of equipment and software expenses.
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  • Infrastructure
  • Electricity10 MW
  • Gas supply8100 m3/h
  • Water supply7700 m3/d
  • SewageYes
  • Special conditions
  • BuyoutStandard rubBenefits rub
  • 1 m23,6216,5
  • 1 ha362 000164 550
  • 1 m281
  • 1 ha5 413 068811 960
  • Personnel
  • Moscow (96 km to MKAD)13M people
  • Serpukhov)126 729
  • To become a resident
  • Registration in Moscow RegionYes
  • Sanitary protection zone300 m

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We are Moscow Region Development Corporation, we work with investors and help them on each step of their localisation process.
  • We organise meetings between residents of industrial park and government as well as bank representatives
  • Making market analysis in order to find growth points for your business
  • We save your money using tax incentives and support measures instruments
  • We help you to get initial- permissive documentation
  • We can provide infrastructure for your enterprise and find business partner
  • Providing cadastral and geodetic surveys
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